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We make Switzerland vegan and end the exploitation of human and non-human animals! In 10 years our work will no longer be necessary in Switzerland.
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Who we are

The Circle of Compassion is a nonprofit organisation that advocates for the dignity and rights of animals. Founded originally as a joint project of activists of different organisations, we demand the liberation of all sentient beings. They should all have the right to freedom, integrity and a life in dignity. In so called „Circle of Compassion“ actions we use real footage from the animal industry to raise awareness of the suffering we inflict upon nonhuman animals, and in conversations inform our fellow humans that we can end this suffering by changing our habits: By living a vegan lifestyle. You can support our work by participating in our actions or becoming a member of our organisation. We’d also be delighted about donations, as these make it possible for us to organise further actions. We would also be happy to receive a donation. With this you help us to carry out further events.

Our next actions

Here you can find out when and where our next actions will take place. If you want to get involved too, you can register for our events via Facebook.

Circle: St. Gallen (Kornhausplatz) – 11. Mai 2024

Circle: St. Gallen

To the action
To the action

Can you identify with us and our values and would you like to become part of this movement? Very nice, we are always looking for active support in our common cause. Contact us if you want to be part of one of our next campaigns or become a member right away.

10 tips to make the transition work

1. Know your Why

Especially in the early stages of transitioning to a vegan diet, you may find yourself in situations that are tempting.

Regardless of whether you have opted for a plant-based diet for ethical, ecological or health reasons – by constantly reminding yourself of your motives and the expected benefits, you can meet the possible temptation in a relaxed manner.

2. Know the important nutrients

When switching to a vegan diet, you will encounter aspects that you are not yet familiar with. This includes the optimal supply of important nutrients important nutrients. Make sure to pay special attention to vitamin B12. A well-planned vegan diet is appropriate for all stages of the life cycle – without any symptoms of deficiency and completely cruelty-free.

3. Be well prepared

One of the most frequently asked questions when new to veganism is: «What should I eat?» It’s challenging that many cafeterias, canteens and restaurants are only offering a minimum of vegan options.
Systematic planning helps a lot. Especially in the beginning we recommend to plan your meals. Therefore in our collection of links you will find your way to delicious recipes and restaurant guides.

Recent blog posts

You can find the most recent blog posts right here.

Why we support the initiative to ban animal testing

Why we support the initiative to ban animal testing

The Circle of Compassion supports the new initiative to ban animal testing, which is currently at the signature stage. The most important sentence of the initiative: "Animal experiments are prohibited". Our argument is primarily ethical (no experiments on sentient...

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Yes to the initiative for clean drinking water

Yes to the initiative for clean drinking water

Our most important food is drinking water. It is largely caused by the rain seeping into the area where our food grows, on agricultural soils. These soils are the best drinking water filter and a large water reservoir. Today's intensive agriculture uses huge amounts...

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Social robots and animal-friendly machines

Social robots and animal-friendly machines

Social robots can be made to interact with people or with animals. Many living things have social relationships, some are social beings. In robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), the focus has always been on people. Demands for a “human-centered AI” (to be...

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With our 10 tips you have a good basis that will support you in transitioning to a vegan life.

Would you like to find out more or get involved? We have put together an overview of good and well-founded documentation, information and links for you.

Do you have any other links that we haven’t listed here yet? Or do you have more questions? Either way – contact us, we are happy to help you.


You can follow our work on Instagram and find lots of impressions. You can find the last 20 posts right here.

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