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The minds behind Circle of Compassion

Renato W.

Chairman of the Board

I am a general practitioner with my own practice in Eichberg SG. Besides medicine, I have been intensively involved in animal liberation for years. I am a convinced vegan and recommend a lifestyle without animal products for ethical and health reasons.

The activism form of educational videos and talk methinks is one of the most effective. That’s why I’m on Circle of Compassion.

Robert R.

Member of the Board

As an environmental and animal rights activist, I stand up for nature, animals and people. I work as a remedial teacher at a public school in the canton of Zurich. At Circle of Compassion I love the performance, the talks and the animal masks.

Hubi B.

Member of the Board

I work full-time as a senior project manager and part-time as a personal trainer and nutritionist.

Since childhood, I have had a strong sense of justice and have always stood up for the weaker ones. A few years ago, I realised that I was blind to the greatest injustice that was happening day after day right in front of my eyes. Even worse – I was part of it myself!

Food, clothing, cosmetics, entertainment, medicine – violence against animals has many facets, and each is equally cruel and unnecessary. As a vehement and passionate animal rights activist, I want to open people’s eyes as they were opened to me and put an end to this exploitation of animals in any form.

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