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10 tips to make the switch work
1. Know your why

Especially in the early stages of your transition to a vegan diet, you may run into situations that tempt you.

Whether you’ve chosen a plant-based diet for ethical, environmental, or health reasons, by keeping your motives and expected benefits in mind, you can be relaxed about the potential temptation.

2. Know the important nutrients

When switching to a vegan diet, you will encounter aspects that you are not yet familiar with. This includes the optimal supply of important nutrients important nutrients. Make sure to pay special attention to vitamin B12. A well-planned vegan diet is appropriate for all stages of the life cycle – without any symptoms of deficiency and completely cruelty-free.

3. Be well prepared

One of the most frequently asked questions when new to veganism is: «What should I eat?» It’s challenging that many cafeterias, canteens and restaurants are only offering a minimum of vegan options.

Systematic planning helps a lot. Especially in the beginning we recommend to plan your meals. Therefore in our collection of links you will find your way to delicious recipes and restaurant guides.

4. Trim your kitchen fit

You’ve decided to go vegan but your fridge and pantry are still filled with milk chocolate, ham and cheese? To avoid temptation in the first place, you can sort out everything that should no longer end up on your plate.

Once you’ve made room, you can stock up your kitchen with delicious and healthy vegan snacks & co. so you’re equipped for all eventualities.

5. Eat enough

The typical meat and dairy-heavy meal was usually very high in calories. With a plant-based meal based on legumes, vegetables and fruits, you won’t reach or exceed your calorie goal as quickly.

With a vegan diet, you can eat hearty. Larger portions also don’t give cravings a chance.

6. Be curious and willing to experiment

Do you understand nothing about quinoa, amaranth, parsnip or yeast flakes? Switching to a vegan diet will open the door to a whole new world of culinary possibilities.

You’ll discover a lot of new foods. Some of them you’ll love from the start, others you’ll have to get to know and process first.

Your taste buds have to get used to the many new impressions – and they do. Every taste is learned. What is still strange or foreign at the beginning can soon taste really great.

7. Have good conversations

When you ate schnitzel, cordon bleu or burgers every day, everything was okay for those around you, but since you’ve been focusing on healthy legumes, vegetables and fruit, everyone is worried about your health? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Not rarely you will have to listen to sayings or jokes or you are confronted with various vegan myths. Do not get involved in pointless discussions. Communicate rather openly, why you decided for a vegan nutrition and how well it does to you. Real friends will notice how important it is to you and hopefully encourage and support you.

8. Look for like-minded people

The exchange with like-minded people who understand you and give you tips can be very helpful. Maybe you don’t have any vegans in your circle of friends yet. Whether through Facebook groups, the vegan Stammtisch or at the Circle of Compassion – the vegan community offers you countless opportunities to find people with whom you can exchange ideas.

9. Look beyond nutrition

Avoiding animal suffering encompasses much more than just diet. The more you look into the vegan lifestyle, the more areas you will notice.

Many everyday items are tested on animals or contain animal products. So you can gradually replace your used up cosmetics with non-animal tested cosmetics, opt for animal friendly fashion and replace your worn out leather shoes with a vegan model.

10. Become active

The more you learn about animal violence, the more you realize that being vegan is not enough. Your work as an activist not only helps the animals but also encourages you on your path.

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