The Circle of Compassion supports the new initiative to ban animal testing, which is currently at the signature stage. The most important sentence of the initiative: “Animal experiments are prohibited”. Our argument is primarily ethical (no experiments on sentient individuals!). However, we can now also prove scientifically that animal experiments are inadequate as a research method. This is of course disputed by those who use animal experiments. But they are only specialists in their field, not in the independent field of research called meta-research, the study of research methods. And they are more critical of the quality of animal experiments: animal experiments are unsafe, imprecise, often not at all essential as they should be by law, and usually poorly transferable to other species and therefore also to humans. This inadequacy as a research method is certainly understandable, as animals are used as actual measuring instruments. And these can never be as accurate as the inanimate measuring devices otherwise used in research. This is because animals have a psyche, feelings, emotions and moods. And this cannot lead to stable results. Hence the poor reproducibility of animal experiments, which would be a key feature of good research. We can therefore conclude that medical progress would probably be even further advanced if research had not relied on animal experiments in the last 200 years.

Please sign the initiative. We are also in great need of helpers and signature collectors. Please indicate to the addresses below where we may send how many signature sheets. Many thanks on behalf of the suffering laboratory animals.

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